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Capture Customers with Paid Search Service and Parts Campaigns

on September 16, 2020

Automotive service and parts is a $400B industry. 

  • Fixed ops generated 12% of revenue and represented 50% of their gross profit for dealers in 2018.  
  • 53% of dealership service visits included multiple services. 
  • Shoppers who service at your dealership are 1.5X more likely to purchase from your dealership. 

And yet, it is often undervalued and underrepresented in a dealer’s marketing strategy.  

With a high revenue opportunity and profit potential, your service center deserves to get a lot more attention and promotion effort. By employing smart marketing strategies, you can book more service appointments and fill your service bays. 

Paid Search for Fixed Operations  

Your first step should be to implement a dedicated service paid search strategy to boost your overall search ranking and visibility in search results. 

This is an effective tool in increasing brand awareness, driving visitor traffic to your website, improving click-through-rates (CTR) by 10-20%, and targeting specific areas or buyer personas.  

Capture Customer Service Searches 

Today, nearly 25% of all automotive searches are parts-, service-, or maintenance-related.

Why are people searching? 

Top reasons people search for service and parts online.

Make sure you are creating effective messaging and using keywords that match what people are looking for when they head to the search bar.  

Keywords and Ad Copy Best Practices 

Strong, service-focused keywords and ad copy along with strategic targeting is essential to making these campaigns work. It is important to audit your keywords and ad copy to match relevant, service-related searches.  

  • Ensure that your dealership is ranking for service and parts-specific keywords.  
  • Create ad copy that fulfills the search intent of the customer. 
  • Target specific audiences or buyer personas that are in-market for service or parts.  
  • Optimize for mobile search campaigns so you can target down to a ZIP code level or a mile-radius. 
  • Review campaigns and adjust your messaging and bids to continually optimize your campaigns. 
Launch Your Dedicated Service Campaign

Fall is upon us, which means drivers will soon need winter maintenance (tires, batteries, etc.) along with standard service needs. Capture these customers by starting a dedicated service campaign to attract new business and connect with loyal customers.  

L2T has Fixed Operations packages that help grow your service business. 
To learn more, click here or contact your L2T account strategist today!  
Capture Customers with Paid Search Service and Parts Campaigns

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