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Core Google Algorithm Updates, No Problem for L2T Dealers

on July 12, 2021
This summer Google is rolling out two core algorithm updates.  

What is a Core Update?  

A core update is a change to Google’s main search algorithm which has 200+ ranking factors and signals. These updates are made to provide users with the best results and experience as possible.  

Here’s how Google often explains these updates, you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. Now, six years later in 2021, you update your list. The list will naturally change to include movies that have released since your original list and some of the original films will be removed to make room for the new additions.  

What Do These Updates Mean for Me?  

A key topic that follows a core algorithm update once it is releases is which industries have been affected and did companies in that industry see a decrease or increase in site traffic. This update has affected all industries, including automotive. So, your dealership site may have experienced a decrease or increase in traffic starting on June 2 and you may see some more changes starting over the coming weeks.  

Timeline of Updates* 

The updates in June and now in July are part of a two-part update along with multiple search updates.  

  • Core Update Part 1: June 2 – June 12 
  • Page Experience Update: Initiated June 15, Roll out through end of August  
  • Spam Update Part 1: June 23 
  • Spam Update Part 2: June 28 
  • Core Update Part 2: July 1 – July 12 

What L2T is Doing with These Updates? 

L2T’s SEO team is ready for this change and here to help our dealers navigate what needs to be done to have a strong presence in organic search.  

Our team is optimizing and building content on based on best practices including utilizing the “E-A-T” strategy

 E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. 

  • Expertise: L2T creates content that showcases your dealership’s expertise in automotive with engaging and knowledgeable content that will drive searchers to your website.  
  • Authoritativeness: L2T helps boost your website as a source for other experts and influencers to position your dealership website as an authority on relevant automotive topics.  
  • Trustworthiness: Reputation counts not only to bring in more customers, but it matters to the Google algorithm. By monitoring your ratings and responding to reviews you are deemed a trustworthy business by Google. For more information on reputation management click here.  

By following these guidelines, we create content that gets your website noticed by Google. We are continually monitoring the performance of our dealership websites and to position your website with the content, tactics and optimizations to reach active car buyers. 

For more information about SEO and our team of specialists contact us today 

* You can read more about the updates at, https://searchengineland.com/google-june-2021-core-update-rolling-out-349121 and https://searchengineland.com/google-july-2021-core-update-rolling-out-now-350176  

Core Google Algorithm Updates, No Problem for L2T Dealers

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