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New White Paper for COVID-19 Dealership Marketing Tactics

on August 27, 2020

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Learn best practices and explore unique digital marketing strategies to connect with loyal customers and find new leads for your dealership in the COVID-19 economic recovery. 

Chicago, IL 

L2TMedia has released a white paper, COVID-19 Recovery: Marketing Tips & Techniques for Your Dealership, to help automotive dealers navigate the challenges of conducting business amidst COVID-19. This white paper discusses the importance of prioritizing digital marketing channels and how to capture market share from your competition. 

“It has been a challenging year for the automotive industry.” says Nicole Gignac, VP of Sales. “At L2T, we continue to partner with our dealers to navigate the current marketplace issues, find solutions to get more customers into their digital and physical showrooms and achieve results even during the pandemic.”   

This white paper is a resource for dealers to understand how to rebuild and rethink their digital marketing plan to help grow their business for the current marketplace issues and set them up for success for the future recovery. Including,  

  • Increasing and capturing market share from competitors. 
  • Best practices for messaging and tactics related to doing business during COVID-19. 
  • Prioritizing ad channels and budgeting for short-term and long-term goals. 

The COVID-19 Recovery: Marketing Tips & Techniques for Your Dealership is available now and is free to download. 

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About L2TMedia:  

Established in 2007, L2TMedia brings more than a decade of automotive digital experience to retailers. L2T has a robust suite of digital products and has become one of the premier service providers of digital marketing solutions in the automotive industry. We partner with a range of dealership groups and OEM certified programs to help dealers build awareness, engage customers and generate leads.  

New White Paper for COVID-19 Dealership Marketing Tactics