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Social Impact + Paid Social for Fixed Ops

Use Social Media to Connect with Fixed Ops Customers

on September 29, 2020
Social Media to Grow Fixed Operations  

Social media pages are a great way to communicate about your service department with current and prospective customers. Take advantage of platforms like Facebook and Instagram to post information, share videos and add photos of your service department and offerings.  

  • 21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media. 
  • 67% of service customers find social media ads to be helpful to influence their decision in a service center.  
  • 76% of service customers actively use Facebook.  
  • 63% of service customers prefer to use social media to research a dealership for service. 

Your social channels should be active. They allow you to share messages with your customers on the social platforms they engage with every day. 

  • Highlight your expert service staff members. 
  • Create and post walk-around videos to familiarize customers with your service center. 
  • Post helpful tips and relevant car maintenance topics to engage followers. 
  • Share any available amenities to make customers feel comfortable in your service waiting area.  
  • Talk about why customers should service at a dealership over a local or national repair shop.  
Paid Social Advertising and Targeting  

Paid Social advertising expands your reach and engagement to build awareness in a very cost-efficient way. 69% of US adults on Facebook access the platform 8x per day on average. 

Facebook provides businesses with powerful audience selection tools that allows you to target and geo-target. You can also use your 1st-party CRM data to match and target people who are similar in demographics, location, interests and behavior.  

L2T can incorporate Oracle data to target Facebook users based on their buying habits and purchase intent for service and parts.  

Facebook targeting example and options
Paid Social Ad Format Options

With Facebook’s ad options, you have some great tools and formats to promote your service deals, offer ads and coupons for your fixed ops department.  

  • Offer ads include a claim extensions that will remind those that have clicked on the offer that it is about to expire.  
  • Promo codes allow you to tie in Facebook specific offers to incentivize a visit to your dealership’s service department. Examples include: “$10 off your next service appointment” or “Free tire rotation with your next oil change.” 
  • Carousel ads allow you to show multiple service offers or information about your service center, certified technicians and certified parts to in-market audiences looking for a service appointment. 

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to organically connect with your audience and grow their loyalty. These followers, along with Facebook’s audience match and 3rd-party data, can be targeted with Paid Social advertising, which will help you bring them into your service center when they need car maintenance or a repair.  

L2T has an expert team of Social Impact and Paid Social specialists to help you get more fixed ops business.

To talk about our Fixed Operations packages, contact our Account Strategist team! 

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Use Social Media to Connect with Fixed Ops Customers

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