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L2Tidings 2-18-2022

on February 18, 2022

Welcome to this week’s edition of L2Tidings, where we explore what’s happening in the automotive and digital marketing industries. This week, we read about whether page speed is a Google ranking factor, new sustainable materials in the 2023 MINI Cooper SE, and a new call history API for Google Business Profiles.

Google launches Google Business Profiles calls API. Google has quietly released a new Google Business Profiles API for obtaining call history data from Google Business Profiles programmatically. Click the photo to learn how this information could be useful for your CRM software.

Best Cars of the Year: 10 Top Picks of 2022. Consumer Reports has released its list of top-rated vehicles that excel in terms of performance, safety, reliability, and overall owner satisfaction. Find out which models made the list by clicking the photo.

How Can I Build On SEO Knowledge To Be Better In PPC? SEO and PPC are often categorized as two separate entities, but their strategies often intersect and can even lead to advantageous gains. Click above to learn how one strategy can benefit the other.

The 2023 MINI Cooper SE Resolute Edition’s Bronze Trim Hints at a Future Without Chrome. The 2023 MINI Cooper SE is going even more green with a new special design package that incorporates more sustainable materials. Learn more about the bronze accents in the MINI Cooper SE by clicking above.

Page Speed As A Google Ranking Factor: What You Need To Know. Google claims to serve pages that provide a superior user experience, yet it also insists that relevance is the number one factor when it comes to search rankings. Click the photo to find out if page speed is a significant ranking factor.

BMW Remains America’s Number One Car Exporter. Despite the recent semiconductor chip crisis, BMW Manufacturing has still managed to set a new production record in the United States, exporting 257,876 X models in 2021. Find out how many X models were built in 2021 by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 2-18-2022