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Get Leads from Paid Social with VDPConnect

on February 22, 2022
Press Release – Chicago, IL

L2T is excited to announce its all-new Paid Social advertising feature called VDPConnect for Lead Generation. This lead capturing tool generates a reduced CPL (Cost Per Lead), that on average is 13% less than a standard Facebook ad.  

We have taken the Facebook lead ad format and made it better by merging it with VDPConnect to dynamically create ads based on a dealer’s in-stock inventory to engage customers at the final stages of their car buying journey.  

Facebook users will see a carousel style ad with the models they researched online, but instead of going back to the VDP, they are seamlessly provided with auto-fill form, so a dealer gets a True Lead in directly into their CRM. 

How This Ad Format Works: 
  • Dealer inventory is captured and delivered to Facebook with L2T’s proprietary technology. 
  • Dynamic ads are created based on in-stock inventory.  
  • Call to Action is included on the ad for the customer to click. 
  • Once clicked, a Facebook user’s information is auto filled into the form. 
  • Form is submitted and sent to the dealer’s CRM as a True Lead 

“L2T has seen success with Facebook’s Lead Ad format, but we wanted to find an even better solution for our dealers.” says Jeff Kaufman, VP of Product & Strategy, L2TMedia. “By creating lead ads with VDPConnect we can effectively build ads with a dealer’s current inventory and boost leads from paid social traffic. We have seen our dealers Click Through Rates increase by 21%”  

This ad format is available now!  Contact our team of automotive marketing experts to learn how to incorporate VDPConnect for Lead Generation in your Paid Social strategy. 

View the original press release here.

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Get Leads from Paid Social with VDPConnect