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Ask The Experts: Boosted Facebook Posts

on April 11, 2016

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering dealers’ questions regarding L2TMedia’s solutions and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority and we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. So ask away!

Why is it important to “boost” Facebook posts?

As Facebook continues to transition to a paid platform, the amount of content shared each day keeps growing. With this growth, it is becoming harder for business pages to stand out from competition and reach a wide audience organically. Boosting your posts, even with minimal budget, increases engagement with your audience and helps get people interacting with the content shared on your page.  These boosted posts appear more frequently in the News Feed than standard posts, thus creating a better chance of interaction.

When you post organically to your Facebook page, your reach is limited to those individuals who have previously liked your page. Boosted posts appear in the News Feed of those outside your current fan base, helping to garner a larger reach for selected posts. Having a wider audience than just your current fans, helps to drive engagement, which ultimately drives larger amounts of traffic to your site and helps to grow your Facebook fan base.

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Ask The Experts: Boosted Facebook Posts