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Ask The Experts: Display Advertising

on February 1, 2016

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering client questions regarding L2TMedia’s available products and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority, but we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. As these questions arise, let us know what we can help you understand.

Why should I use display advertising?

Display advertising is the act of placing banner ads and rich media on websites throughout the Internet. When a potential customer visits your website to view a car, our paid search specialists are able to serve the same consumer relevant display ads throughout the web. Targeting consumers through a number of tactics, such as remarketing, contextual and behavioral, our specialists identify “auto intenders” based on their browsing habits and history. Raising awareness for your brand, display advertising places your message directly in front of these in-market shoppers.
As a consumer moves throughout the purchasing funnel, it is important to remain on the top of their mind. With display advertising, our paid search specialists are able to identify those consumers who are aware of and considering your dealership, but may need an extra reminder or one last reason to make a transaction. Receiving these reminders at multiple touch points within the car-buying process helps steer critical decision making moments in your favor.
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Ask The Experts: Display Advertising