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Drive More Leads With VDPConnect™ For Lead Generation 

on August 11, 2023

In today’s digital age, generating high-quality leads is essential for any dealership looking to thrive. VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation offers a compelling and effective solution to boost the number of leads significantly.

What exactly is VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation? 

VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation is designed to showcase your dealership’s inventory on Facebook, delivering personalized ads tailored to match the preferences of interested consumers using the VIN. When potential customers click on the ad, they are directed to a user-friendly form, allowing them to provide their contact information back to the dealer effortlessly. 

Why should you choose VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation? 

There are several compelling reasons why VDPConnect™ should be a part of your lead generation strategy: 

  • Qualifying Questions: By integrating qualifying questions into the lead form, dealerships can identify highly engaged shoppers. This allows them to concentrate their efforts on leads with a higher likelihood of converting into customers, optimizing resources, and increasing overall lead generation campaign efficiency. 
  • Real-Time CRM Integration: Consumer information collected through the lead form is seamlessly imported into the dealership’s CRM system in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and enables prompt follow-up with leads, maximizing the chances of conversion. 
  • Targeting Users with Higher Intent: Target users showing higher intent, particularly those in the later stages of the buying process. By reaching out to prospects actively considering purchasing a car, dealerships can increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers and drive sales. 

What to Expect with VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation: 

Based on aggregated data, dealerships implementing VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation can anticipate the following KPIs: 

  • CPL: $33.08 
  • CTR: 3.64% 
  • CPC: $1.04 

Are you interested in learning more about how VDPConnect™ for Lead Generation can transform your dealership? Click the link below to connect with a member of our team today! 


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Drive More Leads With VDPConnect™ For Lead Generation