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Mazda’s Refined Digital Strategy: Accelerating The Market

on August 30, 2023

In the competitive world of automotive retail, this Mazda dealer has embraced a new digital marketing approach in collaboration with L2TMedia, heralding a turning point in its success. 

  • Broadening Reach, Enhancing Impact: By fine-tuning the strategy and employing targeted radius tactics, this Mazda dealership has strategically heightened its visibility. This shift places the brand squarely within the radar of potential customers, solidifying its role as a pivotal player in their decision-making process. 
  • Reimagining Engagement: The introduction of Performance Max and Vehicle Ads has led to a surge in engagement metrics for this Mazda dealership, captivating a more receptive audience. This upswing is evident in the rise of click-through rates, a clear signal of an audience genuinely interested in the dealership’s offerings. 
  • Consistent Identity: In a saturated market full of options, this Mazda dealership has effectively carved out its unique space through an enduring ad campaign. This ongoing effort not only communicates the dealership’s distinct value but also shapes a clear brand message that sets it apart from rivals. 

The results stand as tangible evidence of this Mazda dealership’s digital marketing transformation: 

  • Paid Search CTR: Mazda Dealer: 9.95% | Industry Benchmark: 8.13% 
  • Performance Max CTR: Mazda Dealer: 1.96% | Industry Benchmark: 1.50% 
  • Vehicle Ads CTR: Mazda Dealer: 1.09% | Industry Benchmark: 0.97% 

This journey is more than just numbers; it’s about setting new standards, embracing innovation, and staying authentic. With the roadmap set, this Mazda dealership and L2TMedia are primed to accelerate confidently into a future overflowing with possibilities. 


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Mazda’s Refined Digital Strategy: Accelerating The Market