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Find Leads that Matter with Facebook Lead Ads

on April 26, 2021

56% of U.S. auto shoppers use their mobile devices to shop for vehicles. Capture shopper information with a better user-experience by using Facebook Lead ads. Lead ads simplify the form-fill process by creating pop-up forms that pre-populate with a user’s Facebook information.  

When to Consider a Lead Ad 

Lead ads help dealers capture hot leads seamlessly and in real time.  

The end goal of a Lead ad is to get someone to submit their contact information, which is then sent directly to your CRM. Since ads are designed to capture customer information, the benchmarks for this ad type differ from other Paid Social ad capabilities.  

For example, the goal of traffic ads is to get users on your website. If obtaining contact information from potential clients is your goal, then Lead ads are for you. 

Recommended Lead Ad Content  

  • Special service offerings 
    • Concierge service 
    • Pick-up and delivery service  
    • Extended test drives  
  • Promotion of new or special edition models  
    • Pre-orders 
    • Brochure or more information  
  • Prospecting for vehicle preferences 
    • Available offers for multiple vehicles
    • Highlighting model features
    • Customer trade-ins 
  • Dealership events, coupon giveaways 
    • Gift cards for test driving
    • Limited time, exclusive sales events
    • High value coupons or discount offers

How It Works 

Successful Lead campaigns deliver around the same cost (or lower) per lead as Paid Search campaigns and upwards of 40-50 leads per month even with a modest budget.  

Facebook Lead Ads Example
Get more leads with L2T and Facebook Lead ads!  

To talk about Lead ad options for your dealership marketing strategy, contact our team of automotive experts.

Find Leads that Matter with Facebook Lead Ads

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