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On Facebook for AIA

Learn About On-Facebook for Automotive Inventory Ads

on April 30, 2021

If you are looking for an advertising option that increases leads and provides a seamless user experience, On-Facebook for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) are a new option to consider.  

68% of Americans use Facebook for auto-related activities. This mobile-only ad format allows for a frictionless shopping experience by creating vehicle detail pages within Facebook instead of directing customers to a dealer’s VDP. This ad format makes it easy for customers to contact dealers directly and in real time with Facebook Messenger. Customers also have the option to call dealers directly or even get directions to the dealership. 

How It Works  

Key Features:  

  • Inventory is captured from the dealers’ website daily 
  • Ad format actions: 
    • Send the dealer a message
    • Click to call
    • Get directions
    • Save and share
    • Follow
  • Map displaying dealer location

Benefits of On-Facebook AIA  

  • Efficient campaign performance: Average cost-per-message initiated on Facebook Messenger is reduced up to 82%.   
  • Frictionless shopper experience: 55% of people will not wait for pages to load; these ads efficiently send people to a mobile VDP page.  
  • Shopper privacy and personalization: Relevant and personalized content that is delivered to users.  
  • Reach consumers throughout the shopper journey: Ad type is prioritized within Facebook Marketplace vehicle feeds and listings on Facebook. 
  • Retarget to interested shoppers: Users that have messaged you or already viewed your inventory.  
Why Include This Ad Format into Your Marketing Mix 

Every dealer has unique goals, which is why these various ad formats offered by Facebook are so convenient. With new On-Facebook for AIA ads, we find that they are most beneficial to dealers that are looking to achieve the following:  

  • Increased impression share 
  • Lower cost-per-impression  
  • Increased leads  
  • Improved cost-per-click and higher engagement 
  • Seamless experience for customers to chat, call or get directions 
  • Direct chat with customers via Facebook Messenger  

If you are looking for direct conversations with high-quality leads, this ad format is worth a test. Dealers see increased leads with this improved user experience.  

L2T is now offering On-Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads for dealers.  

To discuss including this ad type in your marketing strategy and to discuss your marketing goals, contact us today!

Learn About On-Facebook for Automotive Inventory Ads

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