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Paid Social Gets Your Message to the Right Audiences

on June 29, 2020

Let’s face it, Facebook works. 

Currently, 17.3B users log onto Facebook daily, which is a YoY increase of 11%! With all that traffic, you can’t afford to not be advertising on Facebook. 

  • 69% of auto consumers use Facebook for auto-related activities 
  • 66% of car buyers have clicked on a Facebook ad. 

Paid Social gets your message in front of the right audience, at the right time.  

The Power of Targeting 

Facebook has the power to connect customers with your business, and usage is up. By leveraging Facebook’s targeting capabilities you can target the right audiences with the right ad to get more leads, sell more cars and achieve results.

  • Remarketing: Bring shoppers back to your website.  
  • Custom audiences: Leverage your 1st-party DMS or CRM data to target.  
  • Similar audiences: Reach new audiences with similar interests to existing audience. 
  • ORACLE data: Add new audiences and conquest with supplemental data.

Ad Formats that Fit Your Messaging  

Facebook has strategic, thumb-stopping ad formats that display your message at the right time for every segment of the funnel. Whether it is getting your dealership recognition up with ads for brand awareness, utilizing lead ads for high-intent shoppers or displaying vehicles on your lot, Paid Social advertising can be tailored for any message.

Facebook Ads for every stage of the funnel.

Best Practices to Consider During the COVID-Recovery 

  • Targeting  
    • Don’t lose the shoppers that have already interacted on your website. Use remarketing on Facebook to guide them back to your website.  
    • Use the data you already have in your CRM or DMS to target your customers on a new platform.  
    • Look into Similar Audiences so you can build a new base of targets that have similar interests and behaviors to your website users and existing customers.  
  • Ad formats  
    • Know which ad types are available to you and what stage of the funnel they see the most success. Check out this simple guide here
  • Messaging 
    • Add your dealership’s unique voice to connect with customers.  
    • Make sure your messaging eases customer concerns and addresses the current situation with the COVID-19 recovery.  
      • Updates to hygiene in the dealership
      • Digital retailing options
      • Drop-off and delivery for vehicle service
    • Utilize options like VDPConnect™ to create dynamic ads with your inventory.  
    • Promote incentives to attract customers. 

Invest in Paid Social Strategy NOW 

Take advantage of increased audiences and lower costs. We saw higher engagement and lower CPC’s in May on Facebook.

  • 2.11% CTR vs. 0.75% Industry Average
  • $0.32 CPC vs. $2.25 Industry Average


  • Reduced competition 
  • More inventory available on Facebook  

Deliver your message to engaged audiences across all stages of the purchase journey with hyper-targeting and strategic ad formats.  

It’s time to talk about a Paid Social strategy for your business. 


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Paid Social Gets Your Message to the Right Audiences