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Display Advertising Keeps Your Dealership Top of Mind

on July 7, 2020

92% of car buyers research online.

Paid Search campaigns appear to those actively searching, yet consumers spend 80% of their shopping time outside of search browsing digital content, especially when they are researching a new vehicle. Display advertising targets shoppers as they browse the web, building brand awareness and bringing high-quality, high-intent traffic back to your site.  

Fundamentals of Display Campaigns 

When paired with Paid Search, Display Advertising is a great way for your business to build awareness in your market and capture high-intent leads. It’s important to start off with some basic questions before you build your campaign: 

  • What are my goals? Brand awareness, or driving VDP views? 
  • Who do I want to target? A broad audience, or a targeted group?  
  • What do I want to do with my ad creative and messaging? Standard ads, or dynamic inventory ads?  

By starting off with these fundamentals, you will be able to decide on the type of display strategy that best fits your goals. Let’s talk about the benefits of Standard Display and Dynamic Display advertising.  

Standard Display: Drive Dealership Awareness and Consideration 

Display advertising is a low-cost option to target custom audiences and increase your reach in the consideration phase.  

  • Ad goals: Maximizes high-volume impressions for brand awareness.  
  • Targeting: Broad audience targeting with remarketing and custom match. 
  • Messaging focus: Dealership branding, special events, lease and service offers. 
Display advertising takes the ads built and retargets the ads to the selected audience by following them across the web and once they click they land on the dealer website.

Dynamic Display: Target Customers with In-stock Inventory 

Dynamic display ads with VDPConnect™ matches in-stock inventory with high-intent shoppers that have already visited your website and sends them back to the VDP on your website.  

  • Ad goals: Targeted campaigns focused on conversion and purchase intent.  
  • Targeting: Customers are identified and retargeted with ads matching the vehicles they already viewed on your site.  
  • Messaging focus: Platform pulls your current inventory to create ads that lead to your website VDPs.  
In-market shoppers are targeted with ads that are auto-generated with VDPConnect based off of vehicles they have researched. They click the inventory ad and land on the VDP on the dealers website.

Display is More Effective with L2T  

Our team works to make sure your Paid Search and Display Ads work in tandem to drive more leads to your business.  

  • Display ads increase reach and user engagement for less
    • $1.16 CPC
    • 0.27% CTR. 
  • Dynamic display cost-effectively customizes ads for shopper interest and intent
    • $4 CPC
    • 0.36% CTR. 
  • Audiences are built to acquire the right consumers and bring more leads to your business. 
  • Proprietary AdBuilder builds strong CTA messaging with images that make your marketing pop. 

Our ads drive more vehicle views and conversions to your dealership by appearing where in-market shoppers are browsing across the web. Make sure you are making the most of your Paid Search campaigns and audiences by implementing a Display strategy to reach customers across their purchase journey.  

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Display Advertising Keeps Your Dealership Top of Mind

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