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Win Holiday 2021 With Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads Can Get You Qualified Leads this Holiday Season

on November 10, 2021

Holiday shopping in 2021 is starting earlier this year with three shopping moments that span from October – December. Make sure your dealership is advertising where the shoppers are shopping!

Some car buying stats to keep in mind when you are advertising this holiday season.

  • 59% of shoppers don’t return to the brand they previously owned or are considering brands they have not in the past.
  • 1 in 2 car buyers are not waiting for the inventory, they are cross-shopping different brands.
  • Amazon has replaced Google as the #1 search engine for consumers looking to buy holiday gifts online.

Proprietary Amazon consumer data is leveraged to target advertising to shoppers based behavioral signals, their current vehicle and their home address to know when a shopper is primed to buy a vehicle.

Reach in-market shoppers and fill your funnel with shoppers to target when your supply returns as they browse for holiday gifts on Amazon.

Messaging Options for Amazon Ads:  

  • Attract customers that are undecided or are considering new brand options  
  • Increase your brand awareness and ‘why buy’ messaging  
  • Highlight new or coming soon models 

To find out more about how Amazon Advertising can help you win this holiday season:

Amazon Ads Can Get You Qualified Leads this Holiday Season

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