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Win Holiday 2021 With New Strategies

Re-Think Your 2021 Holiday Marketing Budget & Strategy

on December 3, 2021

51% of shoppers are spending more time online to find the exact model they are looking for before heading to the dealership. This year the automotive industry has adapted to all the challenges 2021 – has your marketing strategy?  

Own the New Car Buying Market

In-market customers are less loyal, will drive further to a dealer and they are comparing vehicles more than ever. Use your budget to make sure you own your market and capture customers from your competition. Take advantage of new lead generating ad types and omnichannel products that connect with customers throughout their purchase journey.  

Opportunities for Your Holiday Marketing Strategy: 

  • Own Your Traffic: Rethink your products and channels 
  • Stop Siloing Your Marketing: Expand your strategy with omnichannel solutions 
  • More for Your Buck: Leverage lead generating ad types and explore new targeting opportunities 

Interested in learning how to make your marketing dollars go farther?

Re-Think Your 2021 Holiday Marketing Budget & Strategy

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