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Running Facebook Advertising With Paid Search Can Actually Increase Ad Spend ROI

on August 11, 2017

Today, consumers enjoy unparalleled access to the Internet and have the ability to take action anytime, anywhere, on any device or channel. Because of this, the purchase funnel is smaller and less defined, and nowhere else are the discovery and intent stages better combined than on Facebook. This networking site serves a number of purposes for its users, and reaches consumers at every stage in the funnel, often nudging them even further down. With the ability to reach car shoppers in large numbers and at any buying stage, automotive Facebook advertising is a valuable tool. However, when combined with automotive paid search, its effectiveness skyrockets.

4 reasons why running paid search and Facebook advertising will help you sell more cars
  1. You will be everywhere—literally.
    People bounce from channel to channel and device to device with greater ease than ever before. With Facebook and search running together, you will be where the consumers are—exposing them to your brand when they log on to their social network and presenting ads when they search with intent.
  2. Facebook ads drive a lift in mobile search volume.
    Facebook is a very powerful mobile channel. One in five mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram, and that minute influences how users spend the other four. In fact, when you target mobile Facebook users, you can see 30-70% increase in overall search ROI.
  3. You know everything about the people you present ads to.
    Facebook and search work together to tell you a lot about the consumers you target. Combining search behavior, first-party data, Facebook data (age, gender, lifestyle, interests and location) and third-party data (Polk) has never been easier. With this information at your disposal, you can segment and target in a vast number of ways, thus ensuring your marketing dollars are spent effectively.
  4. Facebook and search work together to capture intent and then target high-intent prospects.
    The two channels use different signals to identify intent. Search uses self-stated signals (queries) and Facebook analyzes action. Together, they tell you exactly who is at the lower stages of the purchase funnel, and you can target them both on Facebook and in paid search. Search excels at demand creation and capture, and Facebook’s many ad formats allow you to select the most effective method of delivering your message depending on where your target is in the purchase funnel.


Running Facebook Advertising With Paid Search Can Actually Increase Ad Spend ROI

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