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L2Tidings 10-07-2022

on October 7, 2022

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about the Ford Mustang Supercar, Youtube’s new monetary incentives for creators, and machine learning for SEO!

AI generation of the Ford Mustang Supercar racing down a track.
Ford will be competing in the Australian Supercars championship this weekend. Their entry is a Mustang racecar inspired by the 2024 Ford Mustang GT. Click the racing Mustang to read more.
TikTok live-shopping for a car.
Tiktok is moving forward with live shopping in the US. The feature will launch during the holiday season despite an unsuccessful summer launch in the UK. Click the live shopping car sale to read more.
AI generation of EVs lined up in the manufacturing plant.
GM launched a collaboration with OneD Battery Sciences to develop Silicon EV batteries. The Silicon-infused graphite anodes would mean better-performing batteries that cost less to manufacture. Click the EVs to read more.
AI generation of a Youtuber who monetized Shorts.
Youtube will now allow creators to monetize Shorts. Creators will keep 45% of the revenue generated from ads played between shorts. Click the Youtuber to read more.
Electric racecars in Tokyo.
Formula E has reached a preliminary deal to stage a Tokyo race. The EV counterpart to Formula 1 cites the city’s zero emissions strategy and automotive leaders as motivation to stage a race there. Click the racecars to read more.
AI-generation of SEO specialist and code.
How new machine learning libraries can be used for SEO. New developments in AI have given SEOs more high-tech tools to use in optimizations. Click the AI-generated SEO to read more.
L2Tidings 10-07-2022

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