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L2Tidings 4-23-18

on April 27, 2018

This week’s roundup of interesting digital marketing trends and industry news includes a comparison between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Instagram’s new tool to export user data, and how Google plans to make audio content more searchable. Find out more about what we are reading this week below!

How E-Commerce Is Driving The Auto Industry. The automobile industry has seen some major changes over the past decade, thanks in large part to the rise of social media and the internet. Click on the image above to learn more from Forbes.


Amazon expands Alexa’s presence in the car and home. Amazon’s two-part strategy to establish itself as an integral player in the lives of connected consumers got a pair of updates over the past week. For more information from Business Insider, click above.


2 new tools use AI, heat maps and revamped data to enhance vehicle histories. CCC announced the availability of Artificial Intelligence-powered capabilities that use computer vision technology. Click on the photo to read more from Auto Remarketing.

Study: Google Assistant most accurate, Alexa most improved virtual assistant. While one new study on voice assistants compares the quality of different providers’ answers, the other drills into Google’s data sources for 22 verticals. To learn more from Search Engine Land, click on the above image.


Instagram Lets Users Export Everything They’ve Shared. Users can request a copy of their data using the tool, which will be sent to them within 48 hours via email. Click on the photo above to read more info from Search Engine Journal.


Google Wants to Make Audio Content Searchable. One of the ways Google plans to make audio content more searchable is to incorporate podcast metadata into search results. For more from Search Engine Journal, click above for the full article.

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L2Tidings 4-23-18