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L2Tidings 7-26-2019

on July 26, 2019

Ever wondered what the L2Team has been reading? This week, we’ve been into driver-assist technology, customer-centric marketing, and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

It’s not about your company: Why modern marketers need to be customer-centric. Here’s how you change the conversation from “We need to sell to you” to “What customer problem are we trying to solve?” Find out by clicking the photo above.


New auto safety technology leaves insurers in the dark. Driver-assist technology is revolutionizing auto safety, with practically every new model coming with smart cruise control and lane departer warning, among others. Learn what that means for the insurance industry by clicking the link.

Moonshot Marketing: VW, Nissan, Jeep Are Hitching Their Wagons To Apollo 11. Find out how automotive manufacturers are using the moon landing to shore up their own innovations. Click the photo above.

Has Instagram increased its ad load? Marketers report as many as 1 in 4 posts are ads. Advertisers say demand is leading to more ads to the Instagram News Feed — particularly for users who have a history of engaging with ads. Learn what this means for the L2Team above.

Facebook continues to grow like crazy, despite FTC fines. What good is a $5 billion fine when Facebook made $16.9 billion in Q2? Find out if there’s any institution that can check Facebook by reading above.

As of August 19, 2019, your News Feed ads will be smaller than they are now. In a blog post shared late last week, Facebook announced two key updates regarding the formatting of mobile feed ads: fewer lines of primary text, and a reduced maximum aspect ratio. Find out how this could affect L2T above.

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L2Tidings 7-26-2019