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L2Tidings 8-16-2019

on August 16, 2019

See what the digital marketing experts at L2TMedia have been reading this week: the media’s fight against misinformation, artificial intelligence, vehicular vending machines.

A look inside Carvana’s first giant car vending machine in California. Ever wanted to pick up your next new car from a vending machine? Now you can! Find out more by clicking the photo.

Promise of personalization has little impact on consumer willingness to share data, study reveals. It looks like consumers are wising up about how valuable their data is. Learn what that means for digital marketing and L2TMedia by clicking the link.

GM and Ford are hunkering down for a recession, by saving money and considering a switch to lower-cost vehicles like sedans. Do you think a recession is on the way? Find out what the experts think through the photo.

Good news, fake news: The media’s fight for encryption – and against misinformation. With end-to-end encryption, private messaging could become truly private: invisible to hackers and government surveillance alike. Hear what the experts have to say above.

Ford tests dealer-satellite storefronts in shopping malls. With storefront prices in shopping malls dropping, some automakers are looking for new ways to push their product. Read more through the link.

How artificial intelligence drives genuine ROI from real customer feedback. Artificial intelligence is transforming the effectiveness of digital marketing, using insights extracted from content contributed by customers in reviews and surveys. Find out more about how AI is changing the game through the photo above.

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L2Tidings 8-16-2019