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L2Tidings 8-23-2019

on August 23, 2019

Welcome to this week’s L2Tidings, where we discuss what the digital marketing experts at L2TMedia have been reading this week in terms of sustainability backlash, content pipelines, and Volkswagen’s new logo.

Jaguar petitions to redefine the word ‘car’ for the electric age. Reflecting the brand’s shift toward electric and hybrid, Jaguar has launched a petition to redefine “car” in the dictionary, where it is currently defined as “a road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine”. Find out more by clicking the photo.

Don’t call me: Nearly 90% of customers won’t answer the phone anymore [Study]. Most marketers agree that telemarketing is on its way out, with 87% of potential customers simply refusing to answer unsolicited calls. Learn more about the industry above.


Direct Auto taps Tonya Harding, Johnny Manziel for rebrand focused on second chances. How do you feel about Direct Auto Insurance using famous mistakes in their rebranding? Is it a good idea to equate criminal behavior with their brand? Click the photo to learn more.

Adobe: Just 35% of marketers think their content pipeline is efficient. It seems like coordination between marketers and content creators isn’t perfect anywhere. There might be good money to be made streamline communication between freelancers and their editors. Find out more above.

Volkswagen to show its new logo at IAA. Volkswagen says it will present a new brand design and new logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It also says the presentation of the brand is to become ‘significantly younger, more digital and generally more modern’. Check out the link to find out more.

Can brands avoid backlash as sustainability scrutiny piles up? Big businesses are some of the world’s largest producers of waste, and they’re under mounting pressure to craft strategies to address the issue. Experts advise that actions speak louder than words. Find out more through the photo.

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L2Tidings 8-23-2019