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Easy Form Fills, More True Leads.

on February 28, 2022

Facebook advertising is a lead driver for your business.

eMarketer predicts a 32% of Facebook users will make a purchase by linking from the platform to the retail page in 2022.  

L2T’s all-new Paid Social ad format, VDPConnect for Lead Generation, drives quality engagement with dynamic inventory ads, increased ad efficiency and information capture with an auto-filled Facebook forms that send True Leads directly to your CRM.  

On average, our dealers are see Cost Per Lead reduced by 13% and Click Through Rates increased by 21%  

It’s that simple.  

Real results from a Pennsylvania Dealership. 

  • 40 Leads!  
  • CPL Reduced by 13% to $36
  • CTR Increased 20%  
  • Cost Per Vehicle View $0.08 
Instant Form Fills. Increased True Leads.  

To learn how Facebook can be a lead driver with VDPConnect for Paid Social Lead Generation contact your L2T Sales Rep Today! 

Easy Form Fills, More True Leads.

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