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Greater Lead Certainty with L2T True Leads

on August 4, 2021
True Leads Just Got Better  

L2T’s AutoQuity platform hyper-targets dealer audiences, optimizes campaigns and captures True Leads. 

What are True Leads? 

With our AutoQuity ad solution, we only report on leads that fit a certain criterion.  

  • Submitted form fills  
  • Calls greater than 15 seconds. No robocalls, repeat calls or wrong numbers.  
  • NEW for 2021! Chats & texts that are initiated on a dealer’s website that can be tied back to an ad click.  

Where Can I See True Leads? 

All True Leads can be found in our enhanced 24/7 Performance Dashboard. Get a real-time summary of your key performance indicators or dive deep into the details of your digital marketing performance through product-specific views. The dashboard helps you make informed decisions no matter how many products or campaigns you’re running or how much you’re spending.  

You can view leads broken out in the dashboard by:  

  • Conversion Type: Form, Calls, Chat, Text 
  • Campaign Type: Branded, Dealer, Model, etc.  
  • Product Performance: Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, Video, SEO 
True Leads Charts and Reports

L2T’s custom dashboard was created with dealers in mind and is totally customizable. This supplies you with a single destination to summarize and highlight transparent key performance indicators by all ten advertising channels that can be broken down to the campaign level.  

You can create your own widgets, export reporting and set-up auto-reports to be sent directly to you on any frequency you would like.  

Performance Summary Dashboard Header with Widgets and Budger

L2T helps dealers optimize their digital marketing campaigns to capture more leads to sell and service more cars. 

To learn more about our lead generating ad formats and how you can track True Leads for your business contact us!  

Already have a dashboard login? Login to see your True Leads. 
Greater Lead Certainty with L2T True Leads

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