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L2T’s New Dashboard Enhancements Increase Transparency for Dealers

on August 5, 2021
Press Release – Evanston, IL

L2T’s 24/7 Performance Dashboard updated to include more metrics for dealers to view campaign data and assist in making informed decisions about their digital advertising campaigns.  

L2T is thrilled to announce that we have enhanced our existing Performance Dashboard to provide our dealers with more pertinent metrics to monitor digital marketing campaigns effectiveness.  

L2T’s custom dashboard was created with dealers in mind to supply a single destination to summarize and highlight transparent and key performance indicators by all 10 advertising channels broken down to the campaign level. No other provider in the market can provide customers with this level of robust reporting to evaluate campaign success across all their digital products.  

“We know it can be challenging for dealers to piece together what is happening day-to-day with their marketing strategies, in addition to the daily demands of running their business.” says Jeff Kaufman, VP of Product & Strategy, L2TMedia. “That is why we built and continue to enhance the Performance Dashboard. L2T’s philosophy has always been to provide transparent metrics to our dealers so they can make the most informed marketing decisions along with the hands-on support of our customer success team. The dashboard gives dealers an easy, one-stop destination to review all their advertising channels, monitor their budget, view product KPIs and see their True Leads when and wherever they want.” 

A sample of the recent updates include: 

  • Enhanced True Leads reporting; chats & texts now captured 
  • New Facebook video campaign metrics; cost per view and view rate 
  • SEO metrics like organic competitor tracking and keyword comparison tables  

The dashboard is available to all L2T clients and is customizable. Dealers can create custom widgets to get easy access to the metrics they care about most. Data can be exported, and customers can set-up automated reporting to be sent directly to their email address. Plus, all L2T clients review this information monthly with their account strategist.  

Contact our team of automotive marketing experts to get a demo of our dashboard and to discuss our lead generating digital marketing solutions. 

View the original press release here.

L2T’s New Dashboard Enhancements Increase Transparency for Dealers

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