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Transforming a New Honda Dealership: A Strategic Paid Search Approach 

on October 11, 2023

The Challenge: Competing in a Crowded Market 

When a dealer group acquired a Honda store in the Philadelphia suburbs, they faced stiff competition from nearby dealerships. Establishing credibility and a strong presence in this competitive landscape was their primary challenge.  

The Solution: AutoQutiy’s Precision in Paid Search 

The dealership tackled the issue with a targeted approach: 

  • Building Awareness: Ads emphasized Honda’s reputation and unique selling points, focusing on reliability and innovation. 
  • Hyper-Targeted Ads: The dealership concentrated its efforts within the suburban area, targeting families seeking dependable vehicles nearby. 
  • Conquest Campaigns: Targeting keywords related to competing brands, with an emphasis on safety and reliability, redirected competitor traffic to the new dealership. 

The Outcome: Numbers Speak Loud: 

These results underscore the effectiveness of their Paid Search approach, highlighting the power of data-driven strategies in competitive markets. This success story shows that innovation, strategic thinking, and expert execution can drive results in the evolving landscape of digital marketing. Looking to upgrade your Paid Search strategy? We’re happy to help!  


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Transforming a New Honda Dealership: A Strategic Paid Search Approach