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Service Success: Invest in Your Fixed Ops Department and Reap the Rewards! 

on September 14, 2023

In the dynamic automotive industry, staying ahead of the competition requires both innovation and a strategic mindset that embraces the potential of service advertising. The LaFontaine Automotive Group, a trailblazer in this field, serves as an example of how investing in your fixed ops department can yield significant results. 

Embracing Innovation to Stay Relevant 

LaFontaine Automotive Group’s success story is not just about being a pioneer; it’s about recognizing the significance of service advertising and weaving it into the fabric of their dealerships. With a forward-thinking approach, the group harnessed the potential of Paid Search, Paid Social, and the cutting-edge Performance Max. This approach ensured their continuous relevance and constant visibility in front of potential service customers. 

The Power of Integration 

What sets LaFontaine apart is their consistent integration of these advertising tactics into their service strategy. This integration hasn’t just yielded impressive digital service results; it has led to strong growth in their service departments. But let’s not just rely on words – the data paints a compelling picture. 

Let the Numbers Speak 

Investing in your fixed ops department isn’t just about spending money; it’s about investing in growth, visibility, and relevance. The LaFontaine Automotive Group’s journey underscores the potential of such an investment, showing that with the right strategies in place, you can achieve remarkable outcomes. 


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Service Success: Invest in Your Fixed Ops Department and Reap the Rewards!