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Your Roadmap to the Recovery

Your Digital Marketing Road Map for Recovery Success

on July 28, 2020

Build your roadmap for success by applying digital marketing strategies that will help you connect with customers and win over your competition in today’s unique car buying environment.  

Start with the fundamentals and include marketing channels that will deliver high-intent leads to your dealership.  

Paid Search is the foundation.  

88% of shoppers use a search engine to find a dealer. With paid search campaigns, you can cost-effectively drive interest in your dealership and engage with active shoppers during the ready-to-buy moments in their journey. 

Search Engine Optimization fuels your long-term marketing goals.  

95% of auto buyers use digital in the shopping process. Amplify your website’s organic search ranking by optimizing your website with keywords, consistent local citations and insights-based content.  

AutoIncent™ saves time and makes incentives visible to ready-to-buy shoppers.  

49% of in-market shoppers would purchase now if they found the right deal. By keeping your website and marketing channels consistent, you can attract more leads and sell more cars.  

Reputation Management builds customer confidence.  

86% of car buyers say online reviews helped them select a dealer. Your online reputation boosts your dealership in organic search, and your reviews help new customers feel confident in choosing your dealership for their next purchase. 

Paid Social advertising connects your brand with customers.   

66% of car buyers have clicked on a Facebook ad. Deliver your message to targeted audiences with strategic ad formats that are meant to engage shoppers on their social pages across all stages of their purchase journey. 

Display keeps your dealership top-of-mind with customers.  

80% of users spend their shopping time outside of search browsing digital content on the web. Display offers low cost options to remarket to customers that are in the early stages of consideration. It also helps to target late-stage customers with dynamic inventory ads and bring leads back to your website.   

Video is key in the auto buyer’s journey.  

75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits. Video is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools you can leverage to build awareness and engage customers, especially in the current social distancing environment. 

Social Impact builds a community of loyal customers.  

49% of auto buyers have shared auto-related content with their social media network. Take advantage of social media platforms to make connections that would normally be built in the showroom by creating an open channel for customers to communicate with your dealership.  

It is important to build an online ecosystem so shoppers can find you over your competition and see that your dealership is a safe place to buy or service a car. Don’t miss out on capturing leads by holding back on your digital marketing strategies.  

Click here to see how each channel can be used to build your marketing strategy for success.  

L2T is here to help you build the most effective marketing campaigns and find more leads for your business.

Contact us today to find a strategy unique to your dealership! 

Your Digital Marketing Road Map for Recovery Success

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