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L2T Offers Over-The-Top Advertising for Automotive Dealers

on July 7, 2021

L2T provides Over-The-Top advertising for automotive dealers on the Amazon network with valuable attribution metrics now available in our 24/7 Performance Dashboard. 

L2T is excited to announce that our Over-The-Top advertising product runs on the Amazon network, the most powerful platform in the market. We drive in-market buyers to dealership websites and provide dealers with attribution metrics now in our Performance Dashboard.  

Advertising is served to engaged viewers with exclusive ad inventory and paired with proprietary Amazon consumer data. Options that are unavailable through other streaming platforms or traditional TV ad buys.  

Advanced targeting pinpoints viewers most likely to convert based on core and secondary audiences. 

Targeting options include:  

  • Geo-location 
  • Amazon proprietary automotive audience data 
  • 3rd Party Data from companies such as Edmunds, Polk and IHS  
  • Re-targeting & TV Re-targeting 
  • Geofencing

L2T’s month-end reports and 24/7 Performance Dashboard show transparent metrics that correlate marketing dollars to actual ad performance.  

“OTT allows dealers to connect with viewers on the #1 streaming network in the U.S. Dealers reach in-market shoppers based on buyer intent signals.” says Jeff Kaufman, VP of Product & Strategy, L2TMedia. “L2T’s OTT product is focused on targeting and serving ads to users most likely to be in-market for vehicle purchases or service and we can attribute metrics to actual viewers and if they engaged with a dealership.”  

Contact our team of automotive marketing experts to discuss OTT options for your dealership.  

View the original press release here.

L2T Offers Over-The-Top Advertising for Automotive Dealers

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