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L2T’s OTT Reporting Provides Valuable Metrics

on July 7, 2021

Connect with buyers opting out of Traditional TV for their news and entertainment. 

The number of consumers using ad-supported video on-demand (AVOD) services rose from 34% in February 2020 to 58% in February 2021. Our entertainment consumption habits are changing – many households are cutting the cord, cord stacking or are cord-nevers.  

  • Cord cutters: Households that have switched from traditional TV subscriptions opting for paid and free streaming service platforms.  
  • Cord stackers: Households that subscribe to traditional TV services like cable and one or more streaming service platforms.
  • Cord-nevers: Households that have never had a traditional paid TV subscription and have only streamed their content.  
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With these changes it can be challenging and costly to try to reach these audiences that are no longer watching on cable or satellite. Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising can help!  

L2T’s OTT offering not only helps reach audiences that are watching more streaming content, but also provides a better user experience for the viewers and dealers.

  • L2T’s video ads have an average frequency of 2-4 vs. 15 for linear TV. With lower frequency they don’t feel overexposed to advertising and provides a better user experience.  
  • On average, 70% of the intended audiences reached by Amazon OTT ad campaigns were not reached by Traditional TV.  
  • Half of the intended audience reached by Amazon OTT ads were light TV viewers; 3X more than what Traditional TV reached. 

Transparent OTT Metrics Now in the Performance Dashboard  

OTT in the L2T Performance Dashboard

Traditional TV metrics are based on projected show-specific audience numbers and cannot be shown as actuals.  Through the L2T dashboard, you can now view important metrics like website visits, impressions, cost per completed view etc. Plus, we show exactly where your ads are served in specific apps.  

Dashboard Metrics Apps by Spend

Book a demo today with L2T to grow your business with OTT. 

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Sources: Marketing Dive, Amazon Advertising third-party reach analysis, 2019-2020  

L2T’s OTT Reporting Provides Valuable Metrics

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