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Introducing OTT Advertising with L2T

What is Over-The-Top (OTT) Advertising? 

on September 23, 2020

OTT is Over-The-Top advertising for video content which is delivered over an internet connection either with a streaming device, like an Amazon Fire Stick, or through apps via a Smart TV. 

Over-the-Top Advertising

OTT advertising allows for hyper-targeting and online behavior tracking to capture active, in-market shoppers. Advertising is backed by buyer intent metrics that are unavailable with traditional TV buys. 

Benefits of OTT Advertising 
  • Audience Targeting: Online and offline consumer data is used to serve ads to in-market viewers. 
  • Unique Inventory: Ads are run on exclusive apps and streaming service networks.  
  • Machine Learning: AutoQuity™ learns from the buying behaviors of the targeted audience and their probability to act after viewing your ad. 
  • High View Rate: Ads are non-skippable and have a more than 97% completion rate. 
  • Reporting Accountability: Monthly reports with robust performance metrics show how your marketing dollars correlate to increased traffic to your website. 
OTT with Amazon  

Amazon’s OTT platform is the most powerful in the market. Running ads on the Amazon network provides an engaged viewing audience paired with propriety Amazon consumer data, which is unavailable through other streaming platforms.  

  • Amazon is the #1 most-trusted brand in America, and Fire TV is the #1 streaming platform.  
  • The U.S. has 90M monthly ad-supported OTT users, and Amazon’s Fire TV reaches 40M of those active users. 
  • Amazon Garage has the second largest vehicle registration database with more than 136M registered vehicles mapped to 65M+ Amazon user accounts.  
Target Buyers Opting Out of Traditional TV Models

People are opting for streaming services as opposed to traditional TV.  

  • 76% of households use more than one OTT platform. 
  • 3.4M Americans cancelled their satellite or cable TV accounts in 2019.  
How OTT Targeting Works

Over-The-Top advertising targets households and younger viewers who are watching programming outside of traditional TV. Amazon’s purchase data combined with online behaviors allows for pinpointed targeting to in-market shoppers for the vehicle brands or types you are promoting. 

Over-The-Top Advertising with L2T  

L2T’s OTT advertising offers a cost-efficient marketing channel to reach and target viewers who are using streaming services for their news and entertainment. We offer robust monthly reporting and KPI tracking to ensure dealers are getting the most out of their advertising dollars.  

Our reports show how many consumers you reached and how many of those consumers visited your online showroom.  

OTT Reporting Dashboard Example
  • Homepage Visits: Count of website visitors who recently viewed your ad. 
  • Video Completion Rate (VCR): Number of times the video played to completion. 
  • Reach: Number of unique users exposed from the start of the campaign. 
  • Ad Frequency: Average number of exposures to the video per unique user during the campaign flight. (2-4 on average) 
  • Cost Per Completed View: Total Cost / Video Completes – Targeting < $0.15/completed view 
Add OTT to Your Marketing Mix 

L2T has an OTT package that can help your dealership reach audiences on the platforms they are streaming content on.  

To learn more about the what OTT can do for your business and hear about our success stories, contact a Strategic Account Manager 

What is Over-The-Top (OTT) Advertising? 

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