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SEO for Fixed Ops – Your Long-Term Strategy

on September 21, 2020

If Paid Search is considered a fast-track to getting your fixed operations digital marketing started, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the long-term solution. 

67% of all clicks go to the first five organic search results.

The fixed operations section of a dealers’ website tend to rank low in search results. By finding a partner that can optimize and implement SEO best practices you will increase your organic visibility, website credibility and overall traffic for dealership’s service center.

Website Content for SEO 

Website content fuels your SEO ranking and should be relevant, evergreen and updated frequently. 

  • Use targeted keywords when writing content on your website.  
  • Include effective and credible internal and external links in content. 
  • Build up your fixed operations section of your website.  
  • Make sure you have one page for each service offer .
  • Include specific locations, keywords and optimized metadata and tags. 
Google My Business and Local Citations 

Dealerships should be listed on Facebook and should claim all local citations sites like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Bing and Yahoo.  

  • 49% of businesses receive more than 1,000 Google My Business searches per month. 
  • 5% of listing views result in a website click, call or request. 

Claiming and validating all these citations can help you show up in organic search and keep your business information consistent. 

Fixed Operations Keywords  

Effective keywords are all about research and strategy. Keyword research using Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google AdWords and Google Search Console will help you find the most searched-for service and parts keywords for your location. Helpful fixed operations keywords to include: 

Once you establish your list of keywords, it is important to strategically feature keywords in the content on your website. Use strong anchor text with keywords like “vehicle service department in Evanston” and “mechanic near Skokie, IL” to enable search crawlers to find your site.  

SEO we monitor address and phone for consistency
Local 3-Pack Keywords 

A local 3-pack is a specific piece of the Google knowledge graph which lists three local businesses that fit the criteria of a given customer search. 

Local 3-packs DO NOT appear for every search query; instead, they are intended and triggered for location-based queries. (For example: ‘car maintenance in Evanston’; ‘oil change near me’)  

Local 3-packs include: 

  • A map and pins for each of the businesses 
  • A list of basic business information: address, website, phone number and directions 

It is important to optimize fixed ops pages with local 3-pack triggering keywords and location-based keywords to drive traffic to your service center and fuel your search ranking.  

By finding a SEO partner that has a strong understanding of SEO strategies and best practices, you can create a strong, long-term solution to grow your fixed operations organic search ranking.

To learn how SEO can help grow your service business, talk to an L2T Account Strategist today or request a SEO audit.

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SEO for Fixed Ops – Your Long-Term Strategy

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