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Make Connections & Build Loyalty on Social Media

Social Media Builds Relationships Outside of the Showroom

on July 20, 2020

Build Virtual Relationships

Relationship building is everything in the auto industry.

In today’s current climate that is extremely challenging and many customers do not feel comfortable going to dealerships and meeting in person with dealership staff. Take advantage of social media to make connections that normally would be built in the showroom.  Social Impact will help you create an open channel for customers to interact with your business.  

Get customers to like your page and become an active follower.

Interact with Customers on Social Media

By investing in your social media presence, you’re encouraging ongoing interaction with your brand and getting more followers for your dealership social profiles. Automotive posts and conversations are very active on social platforms – you don’t want to miss out on those conversations or interactions!

  • 49% of auto buyers have shared auto-related content with their social media network 
  • 86% want to engage with auto brands post-purchase 
  • 53% of Instagram car owners use Instagram to connect with other users who are passionate about auto

Creating a space for car owners to learn and interact with your brand can help you build a very loyal and qualified base. Consumers will be more likely to keep coming back to your dealership for service appointments or when they are ready to buy their next vehicle if they feel like they have an ongoing relationship with your business.

Engage Followers with Relevant Content   

Fresh content on your dealership page increases brand awareness and engagement. Plus, you get to show the personality of your dealership and dealership staff by posting information on topics that customers want to learn more about. Some best practices that L2T uses for our Social Impact dealers include:  

  • Seasonal information 
  • Community events  
  • Special promotions and offers  
  • Relevant trending topics and current events 
  • Thought leadership content on vehicle performance 
  • Information on service maintenance  
  • Sharing positive reviews from customers 

With active content, you are providing value to your followers and driving traffic to your website. After all, 30% of organic traffic comes from social media.  

Respond to customer questions and needs on social media profiles and platforms.

Respond to Customer Needs 

71% of American adults use Facebook, and it is the 3rd most visited website in the world. Facebook has made it possible to connect people. That includes you and your customers.  

Facebook and Instagram make it easy for customers to send you a message and tag your business in posts. Facebook also allows Followers to post on your page and review your business. Keeping up with these interactions and reviews is important for improving your online reputation and earning the trust of your customers. Make sure you have someone that can manage your social media pages, monitor conversations and keep up with Follower questions.  

Get customers to like your page and become an active follower.

Find Success on Social Media with L2T  

Let L2T help you with your social media pages. We make sure that you have active and optimized social pages with a variety of content to keep people engaged across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

L2T Chicagoland Toyota Dealer’s June 2020 Results
Dealers saw some great Social Impact Results.
Page Followers +62%
Page Followers +278% YoY
Total Reach +5%
Total Post Likes 1,755
Unique Engagement 12,816

L2T Social Impact dealers receive: 

  • 15 posts per month across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  
  • Original dealer-specific content  
  • Content boosts  
  • Curation and utilization of hashtags for increased visibility and engagement 
  • Specialists that respond to comments, timeline posts and questions 

Want to talk about upping your Social Impact game? Contact us today!  

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Social Media Builds Relationships Outside of the Showroom

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