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Mecedes-Benz E-Class Wagon.

L2Tidings 2-03-2023

on February 3, 2023

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about the Yandex code leak, ChatGPT Plus, and sustainable auto interiors!

2022 Mercedes-Benz ALG.
Mercedes-Benz will be discontinuing most coupes and wagons in its lineup. Only 14 of the 33 body styles the automaker offers in the US and Europe will survive as the brand redefines its understanding of luxury. Click the Mercedes-Benz E-Class to read more.
Lines of code against a black screen.
What the Yandex source code leak can teach us about SEO. Although the popular Russian search engine isn’t the same as Google, much of its ranking factors apply to the American search behemoth as well. Click the code to read more.
Sustainable Porsche interior designed by Ian Callum.
How Ian Callum designed a luxruious Porsche interior using food waste. The Scottish designer used eggshells, lentils, expired rice, and more to demonstrate the possibilities of sustainable automotive manufacturing. Click the Porsche to read more.
ChatGPT waiting screen.
OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month. Although the ai content generator still remains free to use, paid subscribers will get faster response times and priority access. Click the ChatGPT screen to read more.
Black Cadillac Lyriq beneath a yellow sunset.
Netflix to feature EVs from General Motors and other automakers more prominently in its programs. The two companies have also made a Superbowl commercial starring Will Ferrell to highlight the partnership. Click the Cadillac Lyriq to read more.
Man typing a question into Google Search.
Google is testing a new search engine design that will put AI answers above organic results. One version of the search page that Google is testing would also remove the “I’m feeling lucky” button and add a chat logo to the search bar. Click the Google searcher to read more.
L2Tidings 2-03-2023

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