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Vehicle Ads Drive High-Intent Shoppers to Your Website 

on March 31, 2022
Press Release – Chicago, IL

L2TMedia was one of the first agencies to be selected in Google’s alpha testing of Vehicle Ads (VAs) and we have successfully launched VA campaigns starting in late 2021. This product has now been released to an open beta, and we are thrilled to provide these campaigns to all L2T clients. 

Vehicle Ads give automotive dealers the ability to run Google Shopping Campaigns that provide inventory listings based on customer intent and their stage in the purchase journey. Google finds that,  

  • 79% of Chrome users discovered their purchased vehicle online. 
  • 89% of new car buyers used online information sources researching a new vehicle. 

VA campaigns serve paid, auction-based ads that include a vehicle image, location, dealer name, price, and current mileage with prominent placement under the search bar.  Since results correspond directly to a search, consumers are engaged and more likely to click on the VA, sending this high-quality traffic directly to the Vehicle Details Pages on the dealership website.  

Vehicle Ads campaigns provide all franchise dealers with the opportunity to display their inventory alongside large used car dealer franchises, so smaller stores are not at a disadvantage.

Example of Vehicle Ads with used Dodge Chargers

Dealers who complemented their existing Search campaigns have seen 25% conversion increases. 

“L2T was given the opportunity to be one of the original agencies to alpha test Google’s Vehicle Ads campaigns in late 2021.” says Jeff Kaufman, VP of Product & Strategy, L2TMedia. “We were early adopters and we have tested performance longer than most automotive agencies. We have seen remarkable results for our set of test clients and expect performance to continue to improve through our AutoQuityTM technology.” 

Vehicle Ads are available now!
Contact our team of automotive marketing experts to learn more about how VAs can drive high-quality traffic to your dealership.  

See the original press release here.

Vehicle Ads Drive High-Intent Shoppers to Your Website 

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