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Video Resonates with Shoppers

Video is Important in the Buyer Journey

on July 13, 2020
  • 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases.  
  • 60M test drives happen on YouTube vs. 29M at dealership lots.  
  • 64% of shoppers who watch online videos before purchasing say new formats like 360° video would convince them to buy a car without an initial test drive.  

Video Advertising is Powerful 

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can leverage to engage customers, especially in the current social distancing environment. Plus, it is also a cost-effective way to build awareness with shoppers and help them during their research process.  

Share Your Dealership’s Story 

The car business is all about relationships. With increased viewership on digital streaming services, YouTube is a great platform for engaging shoppers before they set foot in your store or make their purchase online. Here are some ideas to make your videos more personal:  

  • Introduce your sales staff. 
  • Talk about the vehicles on your lot and share your product expertise. 
  • Share your dealership story and what makes your dealership special. 
  • Show people how to use your online tools to buy a car online or schedule services. 
  • Do a walkthrough of your showroom and service center to show what you are doing to keep customers and staff safe.  

Engaging Ad Formats  

With a variety of ad formats, video ads extend your budget by reaching 66% more car shoppers compared to local television ­advertising. These ads are designed to encourage shoppers to take action and engage with your dealership.  

YouTube Ad Formats for L2T Video Advertising

Targeting for Conversion  

YouTube is the #1 destination for watching auto-related content. With YouTube targeting, you can take advantage of high-volume traffic and target buyers based on shopper profiles. Once these viewers are identified, your videos are shown to customers who are in the final stages of their buying journey.  

Targeting options for YouTube

When paired with YouTube’s TrueView for Action, videos drive shoppers to convert.  

Top 3 Actions: 

  • 39% Visit a dealer 
  • 35% Locate a dealer 
  • 33% Search for more information  

Ready to add Video Advertising to your marketing mix?

Contact us today to talk about video ad strategies to capture shoppers in the final stages of their buying journey. 

(Sources: Google/Kantar Automotive Path to Purchase 2019, Google Automotive Summit) 

Video is Important in the Buyer Journey

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